Fresh Large Plaice Fillets

Fresh Large Plaice Fillets


Fresh Plaice Fillets x 2

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Product Description

Gutted, skin-on and filleted

Tender white flesh and delicately flavoured. Plaice is very often breadcrumbed and either shallow or deep-fried. It’s thin fillets and delicate flesh means quick cooking methods, such as frying are perfect.


Pleuronectes platessa


Plaice (fish)


Approx 8/10oz fillets x 2

Catch Area:

Wild demersal otter trawled in North East Atlantic FAO 27

Country of Origin:



Average per 100g

Calories 79kcal, Protein 16.7g, Fat 1.4g

Whole fish will contain bones and despite all efforts during your chosen preparation, some small bones may remain