Seafood Platter for Two

Seafood Platter for Two


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Product Description

A Welsh Seafood platter for two as a main course, or three to four as a starter!

Dressed Welsh Crab, Two halves of a dressed Welsh lobster, two crevettes and 75g each of cooked cockles and mussel meat, garnished with lemon wedges.

These are supplied ready cooked, dressed (prepared). We prepare these individually to pre-order

Please allow 48 hours notice for delivery.


Lobster(crustacean), Crab(crustacean), Crevette (crustacean), Mussels (mollusc), Cockles (Mollusc)


Approx 800g-1kg tray

Catch Area

Potted & hand picked in the North East Atlantic

Country of Origin

UK – Wales – Pembrokeshire