Fresh Brill Fillets x 2

Fresh Brill Fillets x 2


Fresh Brill Fillets

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Prep Work – Filleted and Skin-on

Brill is a flatfish with a distinctive dark brown skin, speckled with white and creamy underside flesh. Known for it’s sweet taste and firm texture, brill is particularly delicious when pan-fried or grilled. Similar in taste and appearance to turbot.


Scophthalmus rhombus



Pack Size

Whole fish Approx 500 – 700g before preparation (2 x Fillet portions approx 250-350g)

Catch Area

Wild demersal trawled in North East Atlantic FAO 27

Country of Origin


Nutrition – average per 100g

Calories 95kcal, Protein 17g, Fat 2.7%

Whole fish will contain bones and despite all efforts during your chosen preparation, some small bones may remain